Practical design services

In line with our integrated approach, we offer a design service in our showroom, right here in our offices, so you can choose your finishing materials to suit your new home. There is a world of possibilities. Our team will guide you toward the choices that suit your personality and lifestyle.

Design team: Laetitia Nolté, Eve Blouin and Caroline Streel

Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Create an original and personalized space
  • Develop a functional living space and style
  • Harmonize architectural aspects of your design
  • Lighting planning
  • Create kitchen and bathroom cabinetry
  • Design storage spaces
  • Select staircase finishes
  • Custom-make furniture
  • Choose the colours, materials and finishes for both interior and exterior designs

The benefits of our design service:

  • Make all your finishing choices at a one-stop shop, which saves much time
  • Validate your preferences regarding layout and helpful advice about materials and their aging
  • Get advice about the options suitable for your needs and your budget
  • Maintain peace of mind in managing communications and specifications required for construction purposes
  • Create a stunning and harmonious design aesthetic

Durable and quality materials

Our corporate values are also reflected in the creative design choices we make in our homes and cottages. We believe it is essential to highlight