November 14th, 2023
La Gare, a new  commercial interest will be created in Eastman by 2024

Eastman, November 14, 2023 - A brand new commercial project called La Gare will be built on the main street of the municipality of Eastman and will see the light of day by summer 2024. La Gare is a project led by Habitation KYO , an Eastman based residential construction and real estate development company which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Moreover, the new commercial building will house the company's new offices, in addition to offering 7,500 square feet of commercial space available for rental.


Boosting the commercial offer of a booming municipality

This project will certainly boost the commercial offer in Eastman, which is seeing its population grow rapidly. Eastman is indeed recognized as a good place to live, but also as a popular tourist destination both in summer and winter. The building located directly in the heart of the village at exit 106 of Highway 10 will certainly attract interesting businesses with its exceptional location. Habitation KYO invites entrepreneurs interested in commercial space to rent to contact the company's sales office.

Great pride for the company

Habitation KYO has been working for almost a year on the design of this project located on the land which previously housed the Bovila restaurant and has just received the agreement from the municipality and the permits required to begin the work. It is a source of pride for the company to note the favorable reception of elected officials and the urban planning advisory committee on this subject. “We are very pleased with the response from the City of Eastman. We wanted to offer a new place where citizens can converge, go shopping, use the cycle path, etc. We wanted to offer a beautiful building to the community and hope that citizens will take ownership of the place and encourage new businesses that will set up there.” – Christian Groulx, CEO of Habitation KYO.

Eastman's History in Building Architecture

The architecture of the new building and the name of the project La Gare refers to one of the two former Eastman train stations which was located directly on the land. The historical nod by the resumption of visual elements of the original building was imposed from the start in the architectural design of the building. Incorporating an impressive solid wood frame, a glass walkway and modern, bright exterior cladding, this building will definitely look great in the heart of the village of Eastman.

Information on the rental spaces of the La Gare project

855-768-8737 poste 1

[email protected]

Press release to download here

La Gare project in the medias:

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