Creator of living environments

Habitation KYO has been working for more than 14 years to create healthy, ecological living environments of irreproachable quality. Our company follows an integrated approach to ensure the architectural design, customization, and construction of your home or cottage. As a real estate developer, Habitation KYO offers various turnkey residential projects so that you can live in a high-end dwelling in the Eastern Townships.


Our mission

To create healthy and inspiring living environments that reflect their occupants by using sustainable materials, while pushing industry standards.

Our values



A clear and unique vision

We believe that your investment in a new living space deserves superior and durable construction quality as well as a stunning appearance that aligns with our company’s environmental values.

We always strive to integrate our projects in harmony with the omnipresent nature of our beautiful Eastern Townships region. Our company’s various homebuilding projects clearly reflect our values and our desire for sustainable development by creating neighbourhoods with an intelligent environmental architecture developed with respect for green spaces and biodiversity.


Our construction standards exceed industry standards, we use the finest materials in a thoughtful and coherent design, and we provide extensive support when completing your project. You will appreciate our commitment to excellence at each step of our company’s integrated approach. KYO creations are distinguished by a unique visual appearance that is inspired by solid wood craftsmanship and is fueled by the people for whom we create them.



Our team